SniffMeStore specializes in selling fragrances for all genders. All our fragrances are authentic and most prices are lower than departmental stores. We have the same supplier as many major retailers and the Duty Free Store which means that customers can have a worry-free shopping experience here, especially when counterfeit fragrances are on sale at many places. Do read up on the detrimental effects of buying and using counterfeit fragrances.

Here comes the best thing about our store. We do not stock up on our fragrances as we do not believe in collecting dust on our stocks and sell a fragrance that has been left on the shelf for a long period of time to our customers. In fact, we order on demand. And that is, once you have placed your order with us, we go directly to our reliable supplier, similar to that of Duty-Free Store, and collect your fragrances. Hence, all fragrances will also be subject to availability and for prices that are not shown, feel free to contact us anytime.

Now you can be sure of the shelf lives of the fragrances purchased.  We only promise the best. The life span of a fragrance is about 3 years for the best effect.