With so many places selling cheap and affordable fragrances today, customers may start to doubt the authenticity of the fragrances on sale. Many stores are able to sell their fragrances at a lower price due to the products being inauthentic.

With counterfeit goods to cost the world economy a huge deal of money every year, we’re not all getting the real thing.

Counterfeit perfume can cause anything from mild skin reactions to death. They can often burn your skin or leave you with a rash. Tests on some have even found them to contain urine.

Counterfeit perfume may also contain an overdose of ether which can cause human to pass out.
Counterfeit fragrances may have the following characteristics:

  1. It does not last long after application.
  2. Price is extremely cheaper than established departmental stores.
  3. Bar code of packaging box does not tally with the perfume bottle.
  4. There are 2 bar code (one imprinted on box, one is sticked on or protruded) on the packaging box.
  5. There is one bar code on packaging box but after careful observation, it is not imprinted.

If you’re planning to buy perfume, stick to trustworthy shops, chemists and department stores or look out for legitimate bargains at airports.

How to Spot A Fake: Be wary of products with low quality packaging, no logos, or mis-spelt brand names. As perfumes are high-end products, they’re mostly sold in reputable outlets – not from a suitcase.

Yes, we do understand that everyone loves a bargain. Hence, we have lowered the prices to the MAXIMUM, allowing our customers to have a wonderful shopping experience and yet be able to limit the financial output.